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Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine is a type of medical practice now found in many metropolitan areas across the country. Also known as “concierge healthcare”, “vip healthcare” or “vip Medicine”, the concept has come to represent a higher level of healthcare for those who want a more personalized relationship with their physician. In most concierge practices, doctors provide their patients with 24-hour a day access to them via cell phone, as well as.. Read More

Concierge Doctor

‘Your Doctor Is Not God’ How To Be The CEO Of Your Own Health Authored by Entrepreneur & Clinical Psychologist, Aanchal Bhatia ‘Your Doctor Is Not God’, published by Bloomsbury, is a path breaking self-help book that empowers and endeavours to bring better balance in the patient-doctor relationship. It accomplishes this seemingly gigantic task by providing simple awareness, knowledge of processes and better acumen around decision making on healthcare, making.. Read More