Concierge Medicine is a type of medical practice now found in many metropolitan areas across the country. Also known as “concierge healthcare”, “vip healthcare” or “vip Medicine”, the concept has come to represent a higher level of healthcare for those who want a more personalized relationship with their physician. In most concierge practices, doctors provide their patients with 24-hour a day access to them via cell phone, as well as offer their patients with the option of house calls in order to make their medical care as convenient as possible. This model has proven successful for those physicians who want to see a fewer number of patients on a day to day basis thus allowing them to spend more time nourishing individual patient relationships.

The concept of concierge is dated way back during the ancient times, where sometimes when you do not have time to do your chore you ask your peers or relations to do them for you. Today in this fast moving busy world, where almost everyone is busy in their personal issues and literally you have no one to ask to do your small errands or chores, that’s where concierge healthcare or personalized concierge doctors enter your busy work life. Not only an individual can hire the concierge services, a whole group of people contributes and join in to utilize the customized concierge services like vip medicine or healthcare at a lower cost.

A lots concierge physicians have common services they offer to their patients throughout the year that are included in one low annual fee, payable in the form of monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments. Those services typically offered are: comprehensive physical exams, routine blood work, unlimited visits to the office, same or next day appointments, phone-in prescription renewals requests, casts, routine vaccines, 24-hour-a-day phone access and e-mail, house calls, coordination of care when you travel, immediate family counsel for those family members visiting you and much, much more.

The number of concierge physicians that delve into concierge medicine is now increasing in the country. You can find a list of concierge doctors online to make your search a lot easier. The average retainer’s fee is from $1,500 up to $3,000 a year. This is money well spent knowing you have now access to personalize treatment, faster and high quality health service.

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Independent polls among concierge physicians across the U.S. show that over 90% of concierge doctors in healthcare help patients navigate through the emergency room faster and more efficiently because the admitting physician had hospital privileges and not only that, knew that patients exact medical history, current prescription usage and more.

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