Over dosage of oxyconthin can harm your health, this has been proven by the researchers. It has been also seen by the passage of time, physicians are prescribing high dosage of pain killers like oxycontin to control the pain. Additional researches show that deaths and addiction of these narcotics is increasing in Canada and Florida. So we should talk about the oxycontin in Florida and oxycontin in Canada.Have you ever thought that what is the cause behind these deaths?

Yes, the over dosage of oxycontin prescribed by the local doctors. They are unaware of the fact and causing deaths and addiction in these cities. There are patients who undergo painful surgeries or accidents etc; they all were given the medicine called oxycontin. People are under the clutches of the monster oxycontin. This monster is increasing its pawn in Canada and Florida. So Oxycontin in Canada and oxycontin in Florida are the biggest issues to be discussed.

Find out why…

It has been proven that one person out of nine is suffering from the addiction of Oxycontin in Florida; in Canada also a huge number of addiction cases are clearly visible. Even this time you are reading the article, some one must have died in these places.

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Authorities have taken a good step ahead to stop these deaths, they have banned the manufacturing of those medicines, which produce oxycontin or use the substance in the manufacturing of their medicines. They have also tried to control retail selling of these medicines. People are being taken to rehab centers.

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Actually it is important to understand that where the problem is affecting more Florida oxycontin is more severe problem. On the other hand in Canada also use of these pain killers, is at maximum but it is being more controlled here. As soon as it was recognized by the authorities that these pain killers are becoming substitutes of abusive drugs and causing addiction. Sooner the stronger actions were taken.

Governments fear that oxycontin can be smuggled. It was firstly prescribed by the doctors, so these patients are now use – to of these pain killers and are craving for these. Now, even after the ban of the usage, it would show its necessity. People would crave for it and demand will increase. In the nutshell, it can be concluded that serious steps ought to be taken to control the abusive drug oxycontin painkiller.