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‘Your Doctor Is Not God’

How To Be The CEO Of Your Own Health

Authored by Entrepreneur & Clinical Psychologist, Aanchal Bhatia

‘Your Doctor Is Not God’, published by Bloomsbury, is a path breaking self-help book that empowers and endeavours to bring better balance in the patient-doctor relationship. It accomplishes this seemingly gigantic task by providing simple awareness, knowledge of processes and better acumen around decision making on healthcare, making each party more accountable and communicative. The Author provides practical tips and well informed techniques to readers to get the best medical care and treatment for themselves and their families. Based on case studies, personal experiences and research, the book has 9 distinct chapters. The book also delves into the evolution of medicine, treatment and surgery down to the present point when its ethos seems hollow and ineffective.

The book, authored by Aanchal Bhatia will be launched on February 26, 2016 at 6.30 PM at ITC Maurya with a Panel Discussion and Charity Night. The proceeds of the book will go to the NGO, ‘Breathe Easy India’. During the charity event, Aisha Chaudhary’s acclaimed book, ‘My Little Epiphanies’ will also be sold as will paintings by artist, Neha Mehandiratta. Eminent journalist, Shoma Chaudhray will moderate the panel discussion. ‘Your Doctor Is Not God’ has already received several tributes and endorsements from Dr. Naresh Trehan, Chairman & Managing Director, Medanta; Mr. Shivinder Mohan Singh, Executive Vice Chairman, Fortis Healthcare; Dr. Mark Tager, Author & CEO, Changewell Training Academy; Dr. Anil Keith D’Cruz, Director, Tata Memorial; Dr. Daivd L Helfet, Prof. of Surgery, Orthopedics, Cornell University; Mr. Ashwin Sanghi, Author; Ms. Dia Mirza and Ms. Manisha Koirala, Actors.

According to the Author, Ms. Aanchal Bhatia, “Modern medical science is marvelous but is limited by its present focus on physical means of treatment and commercial targets. I thank the Indian healthcare industry which angered me so much that I had to step up to write this book. There is an urgent need to have a dramatic change in the way we approach healthcare in our country. Sound primary healthcare can prevent many diseases that become very expensive to treat in the long term. Further, people will remain healthy if they live in harmony with the healing energies of Nature. As for the doctors of the future, they will hopefully be scientifically sound while being intuitively alert to the signals of nature and the core essence of their chosen profession. Improvements and advances only in medical technology are insufficient to improve the quality of crucial service delivery.”

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The CSR arm of the Uttam Group, ‘Breathe Easy India’ is India’s first not-for-profit organization that focuses on creating awareness about respiratory conditions and health revival. It also provides free second opinion for underprivileged patients diagnosed with rare medical conditions.

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Colorado Pain Relief

We are in the world of competition where people run from one place to another to improve in their career and compete with their competitors. They forget to even take rest or give a relaxation to their body, mind or the soul. This has become the need of the hour for the professionals who work day in and day out to come out with flying colors in their career. Continuously sitting in front of a computer system will lead to neck pain, eye sight problems, knee pain and many other health issues. The whole human system will easily collapse if this continues. Thus it is important to give a break to your fast running mechanical system once in every week. The best way to treat your body is to have a massaging therapy. Residents of Colorado are really gifted as there are ample specialists who does massage in Boulder Colorado.

Massaging is a primitive therapy that was followed even by our ancestors to get rid of many issues like joint pains, muscle cramp, foot pain, body pain, etc. It is not only to give a relaxation to your body and give you a relief from pain. There are various other serious problems that cause due to these pains. When people continue working having such pain, it leads to stress and tension. Stress and tension are the two evils for the root cause of severe health problems like high blood pressure, diabetics, cancer and heart aches. This will affect the working of your internal organs bringing a serious downfall. We think that a small neck pain will cause you nothing over a period it develops into serious illness. Thus it is always better to be cautious and follow the quote “Prevention is better than cure”. Take a massage in Boulder Colorado today and start having a healthy life.

There are different massaging styles and each serve of them different purpose. Some of the massages that are done by massaging therapists are Thai, deep tissue, aromatherapy, pregnancy, whole body, sports, back, neck, foot, hot oil and hot stone massage. The effect of each of this massage is found to have proven success. As the name by itself indicates that the whole body, neck and foot massages targets on that particular area for pain relief. It has to be taken by the guidance of the therapists and whenever they ask you to come for this therapy you should be ready to take it up. This will give you a permanent relief.

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Hot oil massage is best suitable for people who have heated body condition. It will increase the blood circulation and softens your skin. Improved blood circulation activates your energy cells. It removes toxins from your body and thus your blood will be purified. The hot stone massage is similar to this hot oil except that hot stones are placed on your back bone. It is best suitable for people with muscle tension. Irrespective of the type of massage if you feel like taking this therapy then take a massage in Boulder Colorado and feel the difference in your body!

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Make Social Media Fun

Last week in our E-Marketing

After that category, i made a decision I wished to find out additional concerning the planet of Facebook, and particularly concerning the promoting opportunities this social media offers. currently I actually have seen the chances of segmenting and targeting on Facebook, i used to be curious the way to optimize advertising and fascinating on Facebook. It’s not simply the content that counts; temporal arrangement can be even as – if less – vital, one thing i noticed many years past. I noticed that inserting a post on Facebook early within the morning or within the evening got far more likes and comments than posts placed throughout operating hours.

With this in mind, I found an internet platform referred to as “”; a competitive intelligence platform for digital marketers. TrackMaven brought out a brand new report that analyses five,804 Facebook pages with a complete of one,578,006 posts, and examining patterns in likes, comments, and shares.

So… the way to use Facebook to optimize the impact of your posts?

As you’ll see during this graph, the smallest amount standard day for Facebook posts is Sunday. Only 8.73% of total posts area unit revealed on a Sunday. However, posts placed throughout the weekends produce far more engagement compared to posts placed on weekdays. In fact, posts placed on Sundays area unit simpler. Engagement is twenty fifth simpler than posts placed on Wednesdays. This in a remarkable factor to understand as a vendor. If you probably did not post throughout the weekends before, you’ll provides it a strive. Track the effectiveness of your posts compared to different days of the week. If it will produce additional engagement, make certain you post additional typically on Sundays!

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Make Social Media Fun

TrackMaven additionally checked out the time of day posts were placed and also the level of engagement at those hours, as you’ll see within the table on top of. As I already aforementioned earlier during this blogpost, Facebook posts placed throughout the evening get additional engagement than posts throughout the day. But, since you most likely area unit a vendor, however does one use this reality to your advantage while not disbursal nights behind your laptop computer change your Facebook posts? there’s a awfully simple resolution for that. Facebook has associate degree choice to publish posts at a collection time; you just click on the clock icon below your writing space and select a date and time. thus write a number of posts with fun, fun and human content and easily place it within the queue.

While we’ve got been talking concerning temporal arrangement of your Facebook posts til now, content is extremely vital similarly. you may suppose that individuals like the shortest messages that don’t take an excessive amount of time and energy to scan. suppose again! As a awfully intellect once aforementioned, assumption is that the mother of all screw-ups. TrackMavens’ report found that that the typical length of a Facebook post is between ten and nineteen words. However, posts with between eighty and eighty nine words were the foremost effective. These statistics show that Facebook users price lengthier, storytelling content quite an easy salespitch. keep in mind this, and have interaction your Facebook followers! don’t be afraid to lose interest by mistreatment additional words in your post.

Remember: TrackMaven restricted their report back to official pages, instead of profiles, thus those long posts from your crazy cat-lady neighbor writing a 2000 word Facebook post declaring her love for adult male. Jingles don’t count for these statistics.

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